The BamBMX will delight youngsters and adults alike with its versatility as a racing and stunt bike. Children can grow up with the BamBMX. At Bambike we discourage the use of training wheels as a method of learning how to ride, preferring to teach balance from the very beginning by removing the pedals and allowing individuals to get used to the feel of cruising on two wheels. As kids get older, they may raise the seat and continue to use the bike and even learn different BMX tricks.

Frame size available in (Standard Size)

Wheel size available in 20"

Price is for completly built bike

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Return and Refund Policy 


- Prior to shipping, each Bambike frame would have undergone Quality Assurance and Testing. Photos of each Frame prior to shipping will be sent to the buyer. 

- Each Bambike frame comes with a 3 year Philippine warranty. For frames with manufacturing defects, Bambike will completely replace frames. For frames located outside of the Philippines, Bambike will still replace frames however shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes to customer will be charged the buyer. 

-1 year warranty for bicycle parts and accessories